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Ellie LeBlanc our mom passed away on January 6th 2013 she joined her husband Omer and Son Roy in heaven this year.  Love you Momma!

Thank you everyone for all your Candles and tributes.  I dont get on this site as often as I would like but I appreciate the fact that "YOU" still care! You are very caring people who amaze me how kind your heart is after going through such a devasting loss in your own lives!

God Bless U all!!


Christine ---{---@





This memorial website was created in the memory of our Beautiful Father, Omer J. Le Blanc who was born in Massachusetts on June 21, 1925 and passed away on August 23, 2005 at the age of 80. 

This site is also dedicated to My brother Roy E. Le Blanc passed away on 11/29/05 at the age of 49.  
We will love and remember them forever. 

This is a picture of my friend Heather we went to high school together and Heather had Breast Cancer she passed away on March 28th 2007 at the age of 39.  (05/06/67 to 03/28/07)
Heather, You were an angel on earth and I will miss you every day.  I visted your gravesite yesterday and your Headstone is so Beautiful, Me and Michelle cried.  Im so happy you finally have one.  I love you my friend.

Brittany's family has been so wonderful to me and my loss, I wanted to post a picture of thier Beautiful daughter & Grand Daughter on this site.

Murder Victims deserve Justice!!

Thank you Grandma Rose!

Love, Christine

Soar like an Eagle Roy!!

Please let me take the time to THANK everyone that lights candles or pays a tribute for my family.  You dont know how much it means to us. 

Daddy, you will be forever in my heart and soul.

Monkey 04/05/94 to 12/03/06
Monkey, I love you with all my heart,
I will miss my hunk of monk everyday. 
Love, Mommy

Thank you for the Graphic Christine!


Daddy's Little Girl!


I Love My Brother!

Omer and Ellie's Wedding Day
Married 52 Years!!

50th Wedding Anniversary


Our Family Home


Cat-03-june.gif (7541 bytes)
Roy, The Cat!

This site is also dedicated to my Brother Roy E. LeBlanc.  Born 05/14/1956 and passed away on 11/29/05.  Roy had cancer and it took over his frail body.  I love you Roy, I hope you are with Dad or as you would say Sam. 

Roy's ZZ Top Phase

Omer, 21 years old!

Dad and Aunt Vonnie (His Sister)

Please light a candle or leave a tribute for Omer or Roy.
Thank you.

All your chicken's Miss You!!!


Tributes and Condolences
Reunited  / Chrissy (Daughter)
Mom passed away on January 6th to join her husband Omer and her son Roy in Heaven. Momma I am great full that God has taken you from this physical world and that you have your full memory back on the other side. It has been so hard not having you her...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday Daddy! 86 Yikes!!   / Chrissy Earle (Daughter)
Happy Birthday Daddy!! Baby Doll misses you so much! I hope you have a great day in Heaven with Roy! Love you with all my being! Baby Doll
Happy St. Patricks day Daddy and Roy!   / Chrissy (Daughter/Sister)
Happy St. Paddys day Daddy and Roy I hope irish eyes are smiling on you both! Love you and miss you so much!!! love me
miss you both so much   / Chrissy (Daughter/Sister)
 Miss you both so much Daddy and Roy! Love you with all my being! Chrissy xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Winter...  / Chrissy Le Blanc Earle (Daughter/Sister)
Daddy and Roy, Another Holiday season has passed and I still miss both of you like the first year.  Its so hard having family get togethers without the whole family.  I know you were both here in spirit but its not the same!  I love...  Continue >>
Happy Valentines Day Dad & Roy  / Chrissy Earle (Daughter/Sister)    Read >>
Happy Birthday Roy  / Chrissy (Daughter/Sister)    Read >>
I miss you so much  / Chrissy (Daughter/Sister)    Read >>
miss you both  / Matty Little (nephew)    Read >>
Thinking of you  / Diana&Pauline Of Angel Norma Starkey (Friend)    Read >>
You have been a blessing to me!  / Ree Harrington (Friend)    Read >>
I love this one  / Candy Lynch (Friend)    Read >>
Thanksgiving / Chrissy (daughter)    Read >>
Happy Valentine's Day  / Rose Gma To Angel Brittany Syfert     Read >>
waiting on a friend  / Matthew Little (nephew)    Read >>
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His legacy
Omer's contribution to humanity  
Everyone that knew Omer would tell you he always had a joke or a song to sing.  His goal in life was to make people smile.  The world is a Sadder place now.
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